Apple Importtant code

এই অফারটি পেতে যোগ্য গ্রাহকদের *১২১*৪০০২# নম্বরে ডায়াল করতে হবে গ্রাহক পাবেন ৪২ মি...

Enter Field Test Mode

Use the code *3001#12345#*, then hit the call button. This will show you the Field Te...

Check Your IMEI Number

If you type in *#06#, you'll immediately see your iPhone's IMEI number. This tri...

Make Anonymous Calls

If you want to make calls anonymously so your name and/or phone number doesn't a...

Show Your Number on Caller ID

If you make all of your outgoing calls anonymous with the setting available from your...

Enable or Disable Test Emergency Alerts

If you have either a wireless plan or a SIM card from a carrier in the US, you can partici...

Call Directory Assistance

Each cell phone provider has their own directory assistance service with a live operator,...

Call Customer Service

Another handy three-digit number is 611. Calling this number is free, unlike 411, and conn...

Get Local Traffic Information

If you're not getting accurate traffic information on Apple Maps, Google Maps,&n...

View Your Data Usage

Normally, in order to check up on how much data you have left on your cellular plan, you'd...

Forward Phone Calls to Another Number

Each carrier has its own way of handling call forwarding. AT&T does not have any cod...

See Where Your Text Messages Go

This one has little-to-no value for you on a day-to-day basis, but it's still interesting...


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